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with Lulla CHOURLIN  and Anne GARRIGUES


The students, graduated in ESM, must do this course, if they want to do the PRACTITIONER program. The teaching staff advises to assist it before the module of muscles, to facilitate the understanding of it. You have to have followed at least two modules ESM to reach it.

This module of kinesiology of 30 hours (functional analysis of muscles) has to be meadow required to enter 3rd and 4th year of practitioner's training. It is a question of having a first approach of the muscular system. We study the basic principles of organization and functioning of muscles. We draw certain groups of muscles and the specific muscles in each party of the body. We also wish to pass on you the taste and the curiosity to continue you even this exploration. With the support of the visited muscles, we take a time every day to go to the movement.

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