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SOMA's team

Soma is composed by an administrative office, a pedagogical and administrative direction and translators.



Pedagogical and administrative director



Pedagogical and administrative director




Logistic assistant for the modules

Caroline is a somatic educator in Body-Mind Centering®, actress and performer. Passionate about the body, the living, movement, improvisation and the poetry of reality, she dedicates her work of transmission and creation to invite consciousness at the heart of artistic processes and development of each person. On her way to becoming a BMC® practitioner, she joins the team of translators of SOMA in October 2020.




For more than 15 years, julie has worked in the cultural and choreographic network. Dancer, choreographer, author, pedagogue, collaborator, julie accompanies artists. With her experience of the performances, she approaches administrative missions with this precious and particular angle of her journey. During her childhood, she studied dance at the Conservatoire of Dance in La Rochelle.
Then, at the University of Poitiers, she did a Master of Cinema in Performing Arts, certified by a Mémoire on a study of cinema by Wong Kar Wai, from the perspective of contemporary dance. While dancing for choreographers, Odile Azagury, Katalin Patkaï, Marinette Dozeville, and author of her own choreographic projects, she worked for 8 years at the studio Le Regard du Cygne, important place of contemporary dance in Paris.
Then, it is trained and perfected her administrative competencies (production, administration, strategy). Since then, she has worked with artists in different missions. She has been working with SOMA since 2015. She claims some activism in her work, with the mission for with the union, Chorégraphes Associé.e.s. Thanks to these experiences, she has an expertise in choreographic networks.


Cynthia Simla

Certified IDME et SME, and is doing her practitioner training, Cynthia is a dancer and a therapist. She’s teaching movement awareness to different publics. 

Having lived in various countries, she has a great facility with languages. She translated books and articles and has been interpreting many courses in the SME and Practitioner program for SOMA and Esprit en mouvement in Canada. 

Translating goes beyond verbal language. The translation has to come from an embodied present state. 


Solenne Dubreuil

In her bedroom, in a meadow or on a wood floor, Solène has been dancing since she was a child. Certified in contemporary and ballet by the Lyon dance Conservatory, she has danced with various companies in Grenoble. Since 2013, she is certified in 2018 in IDME. She enjoys offering workshops and regular classes, for adults, children and families. She is also nourished by authentic movement practice, meditation, yoga, qi gong, and singing. Since 2018, she has translated  BMC® courses for Soma.


Laura Dannequin

Since 2003, Laura, French born dance artist/maker based in Bristol, UK, has danced with a wide range of companies across Europe.  In the past ten years she has created number of dance and installation works. She is associate choreographer at Still House and works as a creative & choreographic advisor with a number of contemporary performance makers. She trained as a SME through SOMA (Fr) & EMA (UK) and has worked as an interpreter for SOMA since 2018.

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