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Only the child knows
The first year of life from a Body-Mind Centering® perspective 

Early experiences form the basis of our future kinesthetic, emotional and academic acquisitions. Babies have a direct way of affecting us, indicating their needs and making us see things differently. We learn from them. This belief is at the heart of working with babies. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, featured in this video, is the founder of BMC®, a pioneering method in somatic education and care.

For years she has been researching embryology and development. With this method, the educator explores his own development through movement, touch and vocal expression. It is in tune with the baby and the family. He accompanies the stages of development with gentleness and respect.

The film is shot during the professional training of the Motor Development of the Infant IDME) at the Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson in 2013.

Production SOMA and Leben
Duration 30min.
In French and Italian subtitled version.
Price 5€ (non including postage for foreign country)
Send an email to order specifying your postal address.

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