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Disparition of Vera Orlock

The team of Soma wishes to express its sadness by announcing you the sudden disappearance of Vera Orlock. She got hit by a car and she died on October 18th, 2018. Since a few years, she was facing a cancer.

We met her in Paris in 1992. Then, she was the teacher of Janet AMATO, Lulla CHOURLIN and Thomas GREIL in USA from 1995 till 1998. She became the educational director of the first training BMC® in France from 2006 till 2009. She opened us the path to continue this way with you. She was a bright and inspired teacher, with the creativity whom we carry in our heart.

We share our pain with all those who knew her and we join to the tribute, present in the Body-Mind Centering® community.
If you wish to share your thoughts, we open a page of tribute on the web site. Thank you for sending them to us by email.

Soma's team


I share my sadness with you for Vera and the tragic way her life ended. Vera was a dear friend and my first BMC® teacher in 1992 in Paris France, she strongly inspired me for teaching this work. I remember magic moments in Simi, Greece of BMC® in nature and sea. Her touch will be always remembered in my cells, in my being. The BMC® community in France grew thanks to her in the beginnings. I remember laughter, joy, playfullness, creativity, care, sharing meals and cooking together. We hold her husband Jack in our hearts. So long dearest Vera!


It is with her that I discovered and liked the BMC®. She always encouraged me with a beautiful generosity in this way, as many of us. I keep in memory its beautiful presence, her courage and her friendship.


Vera: I remember your hands which I so much observed in your education.
Your hands worked in the world and they offered their flow to your harp, day after day.
Your gardener's hands caressed flowers and butterflies, your cat and man that you loved.
Today, our hands dance with yours, open, connected heart.



Vera was an important teacher during my program. 
Later, when we worked together in the SOMA programs, Vera was a great inspiration for me. 
I learnt a lot from her. We spent time together as friends and colleagues. I loved the exchanges with her on a personal and professional level. Vera was very important for BMC® in France. I am very sad about the news.

Thomas GREIL

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