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Fill out the pre-registration form below.


REQUIRED : Upload & send us the questionnaire here with a ID photo of you, posted only by email in PDF or WORD:


If there are still places available and we accept your questionnaire for the training, we will send you a training contract as soon as possible.


Your registration will be completed only after we receive your signed contract, and a deposit of 30 % of the overall training fees.

SOMA annual membership: 10€

* The students, graduated in ESM, must do this course, if they want to do the PRACTITIONER program. The teaching staff advises to assist it before the module of muscles, to facilitate the understanding of it. You have to have followed at least two modules ESM to reach it.

Payment information, we accept paiments through Euro wiring, Paypal, and French bank check.

If you wish to take the certificates, it is compulsory to attend tutorials and individual sessions with a BMC® practitioner who is up to date with his or her BMCA professional membership. These costs are not charged by the Soma Association, but directly by the chosen practitioners.

The approximate total amount of these additional costs is :
- 400€ for the Somatic Movement Educator training
- 400€ for the Infant Motor Development training
- 700€ for the BMC® Practitioner training.

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